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Playing All Types of Gospel Music

Worship and Praise Contemporary Real Christian Music

Songs from the Past to Songs of Today
Contemporary, Hip-Hop, RAP, Folk, Country, Rock,
International, and Traditional Gospel Songs

listen for a while and enjoy the great music

Because we are an Independent station, you will hear songs here that you will not
hear on regular Christian stations that use “music subscription” services.


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Radio Programming
for 2015


Top 10 Songs

Counting the Top 10 Songs on the TGCM Radio Chart

Student Broadcast Radio Show

2 hours of student fun,
music, and scriptures by Bible college students

Variety Mix of Gospel Music

Contemporary, Praise and Worship

Country Gospel
AM Show

Start your day with Country Gospel featuring Kenny Glass
M, W, F, Sun @ 7 am

Hip-Hop and RAP
Gospel Hour

Gospel Hour

Songs and sounds  of Gospel music from the past

Artists / Album Spotlight show 






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About Us

This is a student operated radio station ministry by TGCM Bible College.

TGCM Gospel Radio is a mainstream student ministry variety mix broadcast radio station broadcasting worldwide on the web and on mobile device browsers.

International True Gospel Christian Ministry (TGCM) is a not-for-profit ministry. We do not ask for donations and give everything freely as our service to our awesome God.

 Radio brought to you by students of TGCM Bible College



Our Mission

Gospel Radio hopes that through the music and words you hear
on this station that YOU will


·        Experience the JOY

·        Feel the POWER

·        Discover a NEW LIFE


through the FREE gift of God’s incredible love for you!
 Accept this free gift today by believing in Jesus Christ as God’s Son
 and asking Him to be the Lord of your life.

God has an awesome plan for YOU!!!.


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Download Free MP3 Songs from some of our Radio Artists. You can also order a FREE CD of the new Jay4Jesus & God’s Light Album entitled
“Just a Song”



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TGCM Gospel Records
TGCM Gospel Radio is a ministry of TGCM Bible College and is associated with TGCM Gospel Records - a FREE, non-profit ministry of TGCM Organization.